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Congratulations! You have taken your first few steps in becoming a member of Tau Beta Pi (TBP)! We are the nation’s second oldest honor society and the oldest engineering specific honor society. It is our hope that you complete the candidacy process this semester and have a great time doing it. Please feel free to contact us ( if you have any concerns.

Candidate Eligibility

Tau Beta Pi membership is by invitation only. Every semester we invite the top ⅛ of the junior class and the top ⅕ of the senior class to join. Invitations will go out after the 4th class day of the semester.

Candidate Requirements

Dues for joining TBP are $105. They are a one-time lifetime due and must be paid by the second meeting.
Candidates are required to attend ALL candidate meetings. They will be held on the following Thursdays from 6:15-7:30 PM (dates and room TBA).
The constitution quiz gives candidates the opportunity to learn about the history of TBP. It is highly recommended that you study for this quiz. More information will be given closer to the date of the quiz.
This block is a tool for you to get to know others in TBP, which includes: the officers, actives, advisors, and your fellow candidates. You must get a total of 34 signatures: 16 Officers, 10 Candidates, 5 Actives, and 3 Advisors.
Service points consist of a total of 6 points of TBP Sponsored Events.
The Internal Points can be fulfilled by Burger Burns, Lunch and Learns, additional Firesides (see next requirement), or Engineering Future (EF) sessions.
Meet with some outstanding faculty and hear from people who helped end the Cold War, invented the ethernet, and advised presidents!
Candidates are required to attend 5 of our many social events, planned by our social coordinators. It is a way for candidates to get to know other candidates as well as actives.
Polishing a rough cast bent is a national requirement for all TBP candidates. This task typically takes 15-20 hours and one that we would recommend you start early. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
The Family requirements are intended to help you get to know your family members better. These include creating a Family Scrapbook Page, planning and attending a family social event, and coordinating dress up day outfits.
Have lunch or attend an event with your TBP Big twice throughout the semester. Your Big is here to help you throughout your candidacy, so feel free to get to know them and ask questions!
Initiation is an extremely important event! You MUST attend initiation in order to join TBP. If you are not able to make it, please let us know!.
Information Session Information

Missed the info sessions? Please send us an email at or stop by the TBP office EER 2.648 during the office hours found below!

Office Hours
Candidate Tracker

Curious about what requirements you have left?

Candidate Tracker
Candidate Packet

There are many requirements for joining TBP. For a detailed guide along with some helpful tips. Click on the icon to the right to see the candidate packet!

Candidate Packet
Family Points

Everyone is organized into 4 families. Your family will consist of three to four officers, a few actives and the remainder candidates. Hopefully, your family will serve as a place where you can find answers to your questions about the candidacy process as all the officers and actives have completed it before. It is up to you and your team to determine how involved you want to be, but there is a prize at the end for the family with the most family points! Click on the icon below for team standings!

Family Points

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